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Back at it!

Its a New Year!  Time to bust out the resolutions right!?  Ok.  My (public) resolutions this year will be: 1. Start up this blog again.  2.P90x 3.Find more resolutions.

At the moment I have some spare time on my hands to get this thing going again so I’ll be sharing the lessons learned with diabetes while I:- Finish local winter 10k running series.

– Start and Finish P90x Training

– Train for half marathon and full marathon

– Do something not directly fitness related but still affects diabetes.

I’ll also try to post pictures as they make the blog posts look a little nicer!


Ok Lets do this!! P90x day 1 is today.  I’ll combine day one and day 2 info in tomorrow’s post.




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Upcoming Goals

Last week I was in Madison, WI watching 2,700 people pursue and accomplish their goal of competing in an Ironman. While I was out there supporting a few of my friends, it dawned on me that these folks had been training for the past 9 months to get to this spot. Thats some real dedication. I tried to imagine if I could do that, commit to 9 months of intense training. I came to the conclusion that I could only if I had two things working for me. 1. Coaching/Guidance. 2. A group of people to work out with. I am a “social fitness” person, meaning I will work harder when I have people around me challenging me or keeping the workouts fun.

That being said as this triathlon season is winding down, I hope that next year as I plan to compete in Olympic distance triathlons, I will be able to find a group of diabetics who want to train hard and race hard. Life is so much easier with a support system.

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First 70 miler EVER!

This weekend is shaping up to be a weekend to remember.  I will be attempting my first 70 mile bike ride ever!  Now that might not sound like something to be excited about but it sure is to me.  If I can figure out my nutrition and Temporary Basal rates on my pump it will be a huge hurdle behind me.  I’m thinking that the ride will take me around 4 hours, which is about an hour and a half longer than I’ve ever exercised in one bout, and almost twice the distance.

But what I’m most excited about is putting some of the lessons I learn from work, P3, into practice for a diabetic.  I’m hoping that by going through the long rides and crazy workouts, at some point I could help coach diabetics within the endurance realm of sports. A really cool organization I hope to get involved with fairly soon is Triabetes.  Cool organization for sure!  Check em out, and check out my work’s FB page.  I know that sounds like a dumb plug, but I’m hoping to be able to post my diabetic achievements on their soon!

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Crazy Tough Training

My friend is training for her first Ironman, Ironman Wi.  Her training regimen is insane in the membrane!  Yesterday I tried to do a pick up workout with her and it was a little bit tougher than I expected.  It was a duathlon workout.  30 min run, 60 min bike, 30 min run.  It was pretty cool to get a tough workout in like that and do it successfully.

On the first run I didn’t check my BG beforehand, I was running late, and I went low within the first 15 min.  Somehow I kept running and eating glucose tabs and finally was good by the time I got to the bike.  On the bike I realized how much I dislike running, and how much I love biking now.  You put in half the effort and get like 10000 times the gain.  Its truly wonderful. Got off the bike an hour later and realized I hadn’t done a brick (Bike-run workout) in ages.  My legs were tight as could be, and I quickly found myself desiring to be on the bike again.    But after about a mile my legs loosened up and I was good to go.

At the end of the day I was really happy that I put a decent challenge in front of me and I conquered it.  Hopefully, this weekends challenge will be conquered as well.

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Back to back

Two days, two intense workouts. My legs are feeling like sore rubber, but it’s a good sore rubber. Today was a computrainer workout at P3, and we were working on hills: a great way to improve leg strength and focusing on proper form. Needless to say, by the end of the class we were all drenched and glistening with sweat. I keep telling myself that I’ve never been that sweaty before in my life, but I’m sure there was at least one instance where I was this sweaty. What was worse was the shower was broken!! That’s alright, keeping the windows down while driving back home was a good idea though.

Anyways it was a great workout and got me seriously thinking about signing up for their winter computrainer classes. I believe their first class starts up in October, so I’m seriously considering attending. But it was a great atmosphere to workout in, and it’s cool to see your stats up on the projector screen. (I’m a huge numbers guy when it comes to working out. I like strategizing ways of racing faster while working out). Plus with workouts like that you’re bound to get faster and stronger.

I think moving forward from here I am going to be training for some late season duathlons. Like the Lake Country duathlon and the Dousman duathlon. But we’ll see what happens and how much money I have laying around for race entry fees.

It’s good to be blogging.

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A long drought ended!

A friend of mine (Bryan Pries) texted me the other day and was wondering what happened to my blog, I replied that I had gotten too busy with finals in the spring and I just haven’t gotten back into blogging.  So this is me getting back into blogging.

Quick update for where I’m at in life.  I’ve got 3.5 weeks left in a great internship with Peak Performance Professionals.  They are a collaboration of two great endurance coaches in the South Eastern WI area.  If your interested in training with them click on the link, contact them, and tell them you were referred by this blog (trying to get a career going here!).

So one of the perks for interning is getting the opportunity to participate in some of the clinics.  Tonight was “Run Strong” put on by Heather Haviland.  It is a track workout, aimed at covering your speed workouts for the week.  I got there a little early and put in about 3 miles worth of warm up before the actual workout started.  The problem was by the end of the warm up I felt my BG dropping quick.  Towards mile three I was taking in quite a bit of glucose tabs, and eventually stopped and took in a GU. (Great stuff).  I went on faith that the GU would be enough to hold me for the rest of the workout, which milage wise ended up being another 3 full miles of speed work.

At the very end of the workout my legs were shaking, not because of a low BG but because of the intensity!  I pushed it to the maxx on the last 200m, shaving off a full 10s on what my pace was supposed to be.  (dumb). I was so tired after it, but oh well.  Did some stretching and then grabbed my glucose meter and checked where I was at.  99.  Boo-Yah! After working out like that and seeing that good of a number I tell myself in a Boston accent “I’m Awesome.”

Now to make sure I don’t have a midnight low.  As I finish writing this I’ll probably do a temp basal for 2:30 at 75%.  We’ll see how well that works.  Hopefully well, because I’ve got a bike ride, and then a training duathlon with a friend.  Lets hope it works!

P.S. Find me on twitter, add me and I’ll add you!! @roberthanon

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Comfort Zone

If there is one thing that I’ve learned over the past ten months, it is the importance of getting out of your comfort zone.  This not only applies to those with diabetes, but I strongly believe it is a principle all people can live by.  In our comfort zones there is nothing new, nothing that causes you to grow and nothing that creates meaningful reflection.  In your comfort zone it’s just you and the stuff that you’ve been doing since you were a kiddo.  Last June was when I started biking and getting back into endurance exercise, and I can tell you that took me out of my comfort zone.  Now biking has become a part of my comfort zone, and I absolutely love it.  I wish I had gotten out of my comfort zone years ago and hopped on that bike.  The fear and uncertainty of how it would affect my diabetes, and the consequences of that kept me from pursuing something that is now very meaningful in my life. 

This past weekend my brother wanted to do some slacklining.  I had never done it before and it wasn’t in my “comfort zone” but the experience was great and I can see myself doing it more often in the future.  I guess what I’m trying to get at with these examples is I wish I always had this mentality of getting out of my box and experiencing the world around me.  The uncomfortable situations that we go through, whether we persist in them or they are one time experiences, offer substantial material for reflection upon.  If this is the case, and we can grow from these uncomfortable situations, shouldn’t we seek them out.  Hmm..

Well hopefully I can take what I just wrote and put it into practice hahaha.  My goal, to be completed in the next seven days, is to get out of my comfort zone and attend a TRX class.  You’ll certainly hear about it as I intend to blog about my experience with it. 

Untill next time…..

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Worst Low Ever

I’ve been sick the last couple of day, no idea how I got it, but thats the way it goes with these things.  Tuesday night I was preparing for bed and checked my BG one last time and it was 344. Dang it.  I went ahead and corrected for it and stayed up watching hulu to make sure it was going to come down.  I guess I was too impatient and overly aggressive with my bolusing.  Once I saw that my number had finally broken into the 200’s I decided I was safe to go to bed. That was around 11:30.  At 1:15 that morning I woke up (thankfully!) realized something wasn’t right but I couldn’t figure it out.  I took my BG and it was 35. Thats right. 35. Somehow I managed to make it to the kitchen for some juice…lots of juice.

When I was low I decided I would take the opportunity to eat…a lot.  I probably consumed at least 75-90 grams of carbs. If I eat this much when my BG is normal, I will get full really quickly.  I could’ve eaten 200g of carbs and I wouldn’t have gotten full.

Anyways, this was my worst low ever.  I thought about it all the next day and was super thankful that I was able to wake up.  The lesson learned from this situation was dont get crazy aggressive with the correction doses right before bed.  Even if you do have to get up early the next day.

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Balancing Act

Yesterday was Easter, and when I came back from church I was thinking about squeezing in a quick run before meeting up with family for Easter Brunch.  When I decided that there just wasn’t enough time, my brother asked me if I wanted to try slacklining, which is essentially tight rope walking, only the rope is flat and isn’t as taught.  I have seen slacklining done before and it looked very challenging.  I agreed and we set it up in our front yard between two of our trees.  Still dressed in my Easter best, I gave it a shot and I was able to make it across with some assistance.  When I didn’t have the assistance the webbing would whip back and forth beneath my feet (like a jump rope) due to (perhaps) the fatigue of my stabilizer muscles in my lower leg.  Needles to say I found more muscles to work on, and a fun activity to work them with.

Today my legs feel fine, maybe a little sore, but I’d like to be able to really improve my slacklining ability so that maybe I could do slacklining yoga (see link above). I have a feeling that may be a long way off, but who knows, maybe I’ll be on tv selling some crazy yoga video someday.

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7 Miler

I must apologize for my absence in the blogging realm.  Schoolwork has occupied all of my time this past week, but it is an absolute pleasure to get back to exercising and blogging!

This afternoon I had the opportunity to do some trail running with a friend.  In Wisconsin, we have many beautiful state parks, but one really nice park in my area is Lapham Peak.  We were planning on 6.5 miles, but we ended up doing 7 and that was perfectly fine with me.  After a stress filled week nothing relaxes me more than the rhythmic motion of running or biking.  Just before I left to drive to the park my BG was 94.  A great number, but not what I’m looking for when I’m about to start exercising.  Grabbing a banana and a chocolate GU pack, I got in my car and hoped that it would be enough.

I also brought along my fuel belt with 8oz of water and 8oz of Performance, a shaklee electrolyte/carbohydrate drink.  After four miles I began to feel my blood sugar start to drop.  I was hoping that it wasn’t going to be a plummet, so I went ahead and drank all of my Performance.  A few minutes later I was feeling right as rain and was able to keep going strong.  Two miles later I went for my 4oz of water.  Even though its cold here in WI it still is important to keep hydrated.

At the end of the 7 miles I felt great, so I didn’t check my BG.  Normally I would but I felt fine and I had to rush off to my bible-study’s Seder meal.  I really enjoyed learning about the history of the Jews and better understanding their culture, and I didn’t think I was going to enjoy the Lamb that we had as much as I did!

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