Exercise and Diabetes


Practical Application for Type 1 Diabetics

Back at it!

Its a New Year!  Time to bust out the resolutions right!?  Ok.  My (public) resolutions this year will be: 1. Start up this blog again.  2.P90x 3.Find more resolutions.

At the moment I have some spare time on my hands to get this thing going again so I’ll be sharing the lessons learned with diabetes while I:- Finish local winter 10k running series.

– Start and Finish P90x Training

– Train for half marathon and full marathon

– Do something not directly fitness related but still affects diabetes.

I’ll also try to post pictures as they make the blog posts look a little nicer!


Ok Lets do this!! P90x day 1 is today.  I’ll combine day one and day 2 info in tomorrow’s post.




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